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第五届物流创新峰会峰会2019 | 5月16-17日,上海

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As the China's landmark and only event to cover the end-to-end logistics, Logi-Inno2019 will be held in Shanghai China on 16th-17th May, involving all stakeholders in the value chain including 40 expert speakers, 350+ professional attendees, and Bringing together CEOs, GMs, VPs ...of Asia leading 3PLs,4PL, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Hi-tech, Manufacturing, FMCG and Consumer Products…industry in the unique nature.

With the theme of “Moving to the Thinking Logistics Era”, 5th Logistics Innovation Summit will explore Industrial X.0 times, Digital in advance, Logistics Trends, Advanced Logistics Technologies, Smart Logistics, Green Logistics, e-Commerce Logistics, Omni-channel Retailing, Logistics Finance, Block Chain etc. Awakening logistics has developed with Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, VR/AR, block Chain in a new stage of the frontier technologies such as depth fusion, being united to redefine the "Thinking" Logistics Era, would be more intelligent, efficient and transparent direction, toward a better life for the Public. It’s the best choice to gain practical skills and solutions on achieving the Logistics Excellence and grow operational efficiency that drives profitability, improves customer service levels and generates real competitive advantage.

Hot Topics:

Six Segments

The six sectors interact: Deep industry experience, Practical insight, Best practices, Lesson learned and Leading trends

Navigate the Future

Innovation & Transformation

The Orientation of Logistics Development in China Next 5 Years

Driving Transformation and Intelligent Logistics

Discovering Next Generation Logistics in China

Turning Circular Design into Organizational Strategic Advantage

Escalating Green Logistics and Ecommerce

Impact on Logistics from Global and Regional Policy

Thinking Logistics

Logistics Optimization

China Made 2025: New Technology in Logistics

Last Mail Delivery

Intelligent Logistics and Accelerate the Transformation

Designing a Blueprint for Cost Decreasing and Efficiency Increasing

AI Machine Automation and Automatic DrivingBig Data Analytics

End-to-end collaboration and the way to upgrade to 4PL

New Retail & New Logistics

Intelligent Warehousing

Upgrading and Transforming Under the New Retail Era

Integrating the digital and the physical in the warehouse

New Logistics Reconstruction and New Core Competence Requirements

Reduce the Cost by Smart Warehouse

Ecommece, Front Inventory and Smart Delivery

Intelligent Warehousing System in the New Logistics Era

Case Study

Round Table

Ten Reasons That You Never Want to Miss:

Ø China’s Policies and Trend Analysis on Logistics Industry: “The Belt and Road”, Internet + Logistics, Cross-border E-commerce, Internationalization of Logistics

Ø Future of Logistics with the New Trends in Economic Globalization: Intelligent, Green, Sharing

Ø Global Case Study: Europe, America, Japan and Korea Sharing the Latest Technology

Ø Advanced Technology Showcase: Big Data, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Finance, Omni-Channel Retailing, “Optimization of the Last Mile”

Ø Hot Topics Discussion: Logistics Finance, Block Chain, New Retail, Smart Logistics, AGV, Intelligent Storage, Green Logistics

Ø Annual Award Ceremony for China’s Outstanding Logistics Companies

Ø Over 40 Influential Speakers from Logistics Industry

Ø Over 50 Industry Media, Institutions and Related Enterprise Platforms to Achieve Comprehensive Communications

Ø Over 350+ Global Industry Experts and C-Level Leaders from Well-known Enterprises

Ø Various Opportunities of Social Networking with Attendants at Conference: Top-level Speeches, Leadership Dialogue, Coffee Break & Speed Networking, One-on-One Meeting, Award Ceremony, Cocktail Party, Onsite Interview, Site Tour……