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Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 | 30th-31st May, Singapore

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Event Name: 9th Global Manufacturing Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019

Theme: New Manufacturing, New Supply Chain

Date: May 30th-31st, 2019

Location: Singapore (Hotel TBA)

Attendee’s Level: Highest-level CSCO/SVP/VP SC from the top Manufacturers

Scale: 350+ Attendees, 50+Speakers


SC-MFG Backgrounds Introduction:

Rethinking the supply chain in manufacturing is a must at the digital era along with the industry transforming and innovating; new manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing that collects data through artificial intelligence algorithm in the whole Internet of things, finally formed a highly flexible, personalized and networked production chain. The new manufacturing requires new supply chain.

With the theme of "New Manufacturing, New Supply Chain", Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2019 for Manufacturing (SCAP2019) will talk all new things about supply chain in manufacturing. We have 8 sessions that include New manufacturing, new supply chain, Supply chain strategy & innovation, 4 industry ionic brands case study, End-to-End Supply Chain: VISIBILITY, AGILITY & EFFICIENCY, "Thinking" Supply Chain, New Digital Logistics Models and Technologies, Collaboration and Customer, Round Table.

Features of The SC-MFG 2019:

Ø SC-MFG2019 is the most distinguished one among our Series Supply Chain Events, 350+ Master-Level Supply Chain & Logistics Professional Attendees to enable maximized Networking, 50+ Highest-level CSCO/SVP Speakers for the Top Supply Chain Operators and 90% Speakers from Iconic Brands. Discuss on Hot Topics not only practical application level but also technology transformation.

Ø 4 Insightful Case Studies from Different Top Company: Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, Hi-tech etc, 10 Interactive Roundtable + 8 Panel Discussions to drive key insights from Peers, Partners and Suppliers.

Ø CEO Panel which Gathering Top Industry Leaders to discuss the future and frontier trends of supply chain.

Ø Ample time is built into the two-day summit to allow for meetings and networking. The sole aim of this event is to create an atmosphere that is conducive to dialogue, debate and the sharing of practical ideas.

Ø  Cocktail Party: Welcome C-level Leaders to Communicate.