Industry Research

Industry Research

Ace Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global nuclear, Unconventional Resources, offshore E&P and Logistics. At Ace Research, our deep industry knowledge coupled with our close partnerships with clients enables us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the problems we solve. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address clients' needs, ultimately effecting positive change for them, for their industries and for the world.

What you need to know, what you need to do, and who you should be paying attention to

For our clients, Ace Research are an indispensable daily resource, delivering independent, insightful answers to business challenges. Emerging technology and market are inherently rife with uncertainty and risk. The team's research methodology combines supply-side industry analysis, end-user primary research and demand assessment, and deep examination of technology trends to provide a comprehensive view of these industry sectors. Our Research Covers:

Ace Research also conducts customized research projects that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization including Custom Market Analysis, Market Sizing & Forecasting, Primary Research, Strategic Advisory Sessions, Strategic Advisory Sessions, Commercial Due Diligence

We also provide comprehensive industry databases, cooperation assistance, market research and insight and online subscription services.

Ace Research is a market research and consulting group whose goal is to present an objective, unbiased view of market opportunities within its coverage areas. Ace Research is not beholden to any special interests and is thus able to offer clear, actionable advice to help clients succeed in the industry, unfettered by technology hype, political agendas, or emotional factors.