Company Info

      Ace Events, a professional high level commercial conference organizer, is devoted to delivering business intelligence by creating opportunities for knowledge sharing and business networking. We endeavor to be the premier platform for acquiring business opportunities and strive to be part of your decision making. The only principle we practice in our business operations is to create value for our customers by offering valuable events with our professional services and high-quality contents.

     Ace comes from the "ACE" in tennis where the server can directly score from it. As a good serve, an ACE exemplifies the excellent techniques of tennis players pursuing a perfect combination of serving speed, accuracy of placement and tennis tactics. This is exactly in line with our core values - striving for excellence, providing first-class offerings and dedicated to creating values for our customers. We are a quality conference organizer committed to delivering professional services to the industry by producing programs bursting with vitality.

     The company operates in both HK and Shanghai, specializes in two industry sectors, New Energy and Management & Operation Innovations. The former includes Energy Storage, PV, Wind Power, Batteries, Green Vehicle, Smart Vehicle and Internet of Energy, while the latter features Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Shared Services Center, New Retail New Ecommerce and Intelligent Manufacturing.

关于Ace Events(上海犀象会展服务有限公司)

      Ace Events(上海犀象会展服务有限公司), 专业的商业会议及活动组织专家,致力于推动知识和商业信息的全球化流动,为企业决策者搭建知识和交流的平台,创造商业机遇,成为企业决策层不可或缺的一部分。